Friday, July 18, 2008

Checking In

Hello beautiful munchkins,

Popped into the Apple store today to drop you all a line and prove that I have not joined an alien-worshipping, space-travelling cult and forgotten you. Unfortunately, there is almost no trace of that ingenious creation they used to call internet cafe's in London. It's like they really think everyone has automatic access to the internet anywhere and everywhere they go. Idiots, don't they realise that I don't have magical broadband capabilities in my fingers? Thankfully, Apple are smart enough to know that if they let you use their laptops for random web surfing long enough, you'll eventually buy one of their lovely machines. Thank you Apple. 

Haven't got very much to report. Shopping is a right sham this year. Everything's a zillion times more expensive, and what's on sale is uglier than Space Cadet's hairy bottom. So sad. 

Going to see Babar tomorrow, who's in town for the weekend for some meeting. I expect he'll bully me for a bit and complain about this GLORIOUSLY ENGLISH SUMMER. I love the rain. Don't understand how people could hate it so much. It's a free shower, folks! Then again, a lot of people don't like to shower, so I guess that explains it. 

I'm saving all my little Eureka moments (i.e.: STOOPID) for when I'm back and bored at the office. Apparently, it's going to be an extremely slow August, so I'll need to give myself things to do. Lots of posts for you then! 

With that tantalising promise for more, I bid you adieu to return to my aimless roaming of London's luscious streets.  

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