Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dream Pets are Weird

Grapers recommends that I try to write every day in order to keep my flow going, regardless of quality. So, apologies for the sheer stupidity of the following post, but here goes:

A few nights (or was it early mornings?) ago I had a disturbingly surreal and vivid dream. In this dream starred six-year-old Eureka who was searching for her pet bunny. Note that real-life six-year-old Eureka never had any pets, let alone a bunny. Dream pet bunny was a regular brown bunny. However, regular brown bunny was not regular at all as he was a talking bunny. Apparently, six-year-old Eureka is aware of her pet's sex. Don't ask. The strange part is still to come.

Eureka, frowning her signature frown of concentration, finally finds bunny chilling under her bed. I must note that Eureka's room was very sunny and light. I quite enjoyed the dream room. Six-year-old Eureka drags brown male talking bunny out from under the bed and scolds him for hiding. Six-year-old Eureka then introduces male brown talking bunny to his new roommate, male fat cat. Note again that Eureka dislikes cats. Don't ask. The strange part is still to come.

Brown talking male bunny proceeds to freak out and dashes behind hitherto non-existant couch in six-year-old Eureka's room (who knew a six-year-old needed such a large and well-furnished room?). Fat male cat magically appears behind couch and proceeds to lazily anally rape male bunny, who apparently saw this coming. Previous experience? Cruel and unsual punishment? Would a six-year-old even understand rape? Don't ask. The strange part is still to come.

Male brown bunny repeatedly screams, "BOY CAT! BOY CAT! BOY CAT!" and grown up Eureka wakes up, not knowing what happened to her dream pets.

Seriously don't know what I ate/drank/smoked before going to bed that night.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Woes

Back when I started this blog, blogging was at what must have been the peak of interest / activity. People from all walks of life were into it: from bankers to pundits to strippers. People blogged all the time about countless topics. The blogs I follow(ed) were updated almost daily, with consistently funny or interesting posts that kept readers engaged. 

Over the last six months or so, I've noticed a steady decline in the number of people still updating (myself included), the number of posts being put up each week/month (mine included), and the effort put into or interest given to blogging in general (this blog/blogger included). What began as a respite from life's chores has become a chore itself. Not just for me, but for many of the blogs listed on the right-hand side of this page (save for the bloggers who blog professionally, such as Andrew Sullivan and Heather Armstrong). 

What is it about blogging that's changed? What is it about bloggers that's changed? Were our lives so much more exciting a year ago? Have we run out of things to say? Is there some anti-blogging virus piggybacking (pun intended) on the super influenza strains crisscrossing around the world attacking all forms of non-profit blogs? 

I find that being creative and witty has become increasingly difficult, but for absolutely no reason whatsoever. But strangely enough, I'm still funny on BBM. I'm still funny when texting my friends about how I've rechristened myself Pranjib at work. I'm still funny when I cram my point into 46 characters on Twitter. Why can't I make time to be funny here? 

I've been offered a bunch of suggestions on how to keep this blog alive. DFS said to turn it into a review blog. Too bad I barely get through one book every three months now. I tried to do the whole music thing. We all know how that worked out. 

I learnt that my favourite blog was in danger of being shut down by the author. I'll be very disappointed if it is. I understand that my lack of blogging could instill the same sort of disappointment in you, my 6 and a half readers (if you're still there). I don't claim to be anywhere near as good or interesting as graceundressed, but hell if you're still reading then you must see something here. 

So what do you guys think? What can I do to start blogging properly again?

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